9 internal cities in Amaravati get the land

  • Master plan to be ready by Feb 22

Dara Gopi

Amaravati: The AP Capital Region Development Authority (APCRDA) is getting ready to receive the master plan for the prestigious world class capital – Amaravati. The master designers are set to submit the plan and designs for the buildings on February 22.

Meanwhile, the government had allocated the lands for the nine internal cities that were proposed as part of the new capital. The nine internal cities – Administrative City, Justice City, Finance City, Knowledge City, Electronics City, Health City, Sports City, Media City and Tourism city – were given lands and the APCRDA had earmarked the places where these cities are to be constructed. Each of the cities would have both official and residential sectors and the residential would be exclusively for those working in the respective city.

As the new Amaravati city which is set to come up in 217.23 square kilometers will have the nine internal cities. The government had allocated the highest of 11,574 acres for the Tourism City that is set to come along the river from Undavalli, while the lowest of 2702 acres of land was allocated for the Administrative City that would have all the government establishments including the Assembly and Secretariat. This city is planned to come up along the river Krishna between Tallayapalem and Uddandarayapalem. The Finance City, to be located between the Tourism City and the Administrative City around Venkatapalem, was given 5,168 acres. The Finance City would have all the financial institutions of both government and private sectors.

Sports City that is coming up between Thulluru and Borupalem would have all the indoor and outdoor stadia, sports ministry and department on a sprawling 4150 acres. This city would also have sports-based industries for which the APCRDA had allocated 134 acres. There would be guest houses for the visiting guests and sports persons whenever an event is organised.

The Justice City would house the State High Court, all legal departments, residences of judges and employees on a 3438 acres located between Velagapudi and Rayapudi.

The Media City with 5107 acres around Nekkallu and Nelapadu would have all the media offices, both print and electronic media, web media. The city would also have the residences of the media personnel.

The Health City, now planned 6511 acres around Nidamarru and Kuragallu villages would have the Ministry and Departments of Medical and Health, the University of Health Sciences, all corporate hospitals, pharmacies and medical and health related industries, besides the residences for the officers and employees of the sector.

The 6582 acre Electronic City proposed near Krishnayapalem and Bethapudi would have electronic industries, offices of both government and private sector.

The Knowledge City proposed between Venkatapalem and Mandadam villages would have all universities and technical institutions of both government and private sectors.

The nine cities are connected with three roads of each 60 meter wide. In addition, there would be internal roads of each 50 meters and 25 meters wide providing better connectivity. A six-lane inner ring road is also proposed for 97.5 km connecting all these nine cities. This would follow an 8-lane outer ring road for 186 km and 134 km long metro rail project.

The APCRDA is planning to present this to the Chief Minister on February 22, along with the draft master plan to be submitted by the master architects. The work on these cities and plans are likely to begin in the second week of March.

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