7th TANA Conference, Houston (1989)

7th TANA Conference, Houston (1989)

The 7th TANA conference was held with Dr. Vinta Janardhan Reddy as its convener and Mr. B. Venkateswara Rao as its president at the University of Houston campus on July 1-2, 1989. About 2,000 people enjoyed the deliberations.

Nearly $110,000 was collected, with a surplus of $20,000, which was shared between TANA and local Telugu Association.

The seating was segregated with ropes to separate donors from the ordinary registrants. a�?Unity is the Strengtha�? was the main theme of the conference.

The unique feature of the conference was the outstanding linguist Dr. Bhardriraju Krishnamurthy, vice chancellor at Hyderabad University, (1928-2012). He gave expert talk about the experiments in the language.

Suseela, Ramakrishna attracted the audience with their songs.

This conference officially accepted and released TANA logo. Audiences were asked to select the best items of the conference.

Accordingly, the first prize was given to Kuchipudi Dance Drama. The troop came from Atlanta under the direction of Pemmaraju Venugopala Rao.

The 2nd prize was given a�?Amerikanyasulkama�? play written by Chitten Raju with music directed by Kodavatiganti Rohini Prasad. Medasani Mohan performed Astavadhanam for the first time in the TANA conference. The souvenir release at this conference was given the title a�?Madhura Vani.a��

The conference executive committee:

Mallik S. Puchcha, Yaratha Ramamohan Reddy, A.V.N. Reddy, Rajasekhar Yelamanchili, Palani Janaki Rani, Ratnakumar, Sita Mutyala, Venugopala R., Ballari Shyama Sundaram, Nagaraju Yeleswarapu, Surya Rao Tota, M. Jitender Reddy, A. Janardhan Reddy, V. Kesava Rao. Houston Telugu cultural Society executive committee members played a key role.

Special Scholarship was given in the name of Guttikonda Aruna.

Awards: Ambati Jayakrishna, Ambati Balamurali Krishna, Dattatreya Nori (Cancer research), Raju K. Kucharlapalli (Molecular Genetics), Dr. P. Syamasundara Rao (Pediatric Cordialogy), Shankuntala Pattisapam (Literature and culture), Bandaru Subhashini Reddy (Community Services), Avanthi Moduri (Clssical Music), Uma Bharathi (Classical Dance), Vinjamuri Sithadevi, Avasarala Anasuyadevi (Folk Music).

Mr Janardhana Reddy Vinta, convenor, said, a�?Active involvement and patronage of more and more generous and industrious people will improve the quality and span of organization. The repeated Biennial conferences will add more and more vigor and life to TANA. Let us hope that our united efforts strike to direct our youth to emerge into a brighter race and a noble humanity.a�?

Mr. B. Venkateswararao, president TANA said, a�?We have enriched TANA and made it one of the best Indian organizations in North America. We put TANA on the right track for the future and everyone associated with the constructive efforts should feel very good about it.a�?



President of the souvenir: Vanguri Chittenraju.

Editors: Kalanadha Bhatta Veerabhadra Sastry, Puranam Subrahmanya Sarma. Special articles: on Telugu language history, music, dance, art, dramas, cinema, state politics, religion, education, Songs, stories.

Writers: Chalasani Prasada Rao, Sri Sri, Ravi kondala Rao, Indraganti Janaki Bala, Indraganti Srikanth Sarma, Namini Subrahmanyam Naidu, Puranapanda Ranganath, Turlapati Kutumba Rao, Malathi Chandur, Dr. G. Samaram, Veeraji, Guntur Seshendra Sarma, Ushasri.

Poetry translated into English: Devarakonda Balagangadhara Tilak, Sri Sri, Somasundar, C. Narayana Reddy, Devulapalli Venkata Krishna Sastry

Messages: Houston mayor Vint Mair, Indian ambassador in America P. N. Koul, US senator Philgram, Layid Bent Sen.

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