6th TANA Conference, St. Louis – 1987

6th TANA Conference, St. Louis - 1987

The sixth TANA conference was held in 1987 (July 11 and 12th) in the university campus at Saint Louis, with Dr. Mantena Narasa Raju as the convener and Raghavendra Prasad as the president.A�A� Co-convener was Gopichand Yelamanchili.

Prof. Sripathi Chandrasekhar (1918-2001) was the keynote speaker. He was famous demographer and minister in Indira Gandhia��s cabinet. Ambassador representative S. Mukherjee addressed the conference.

A few popular cine stars were introduced in the conference at St. Louis.

There was special exhibition on the culture, art, and life styles of Telugu people. A separate session was held where the industrial sector and investments were discussed. Vijaya Kumar was the co-ordinator for the discussions. Mr. Panduranga Rao assessed the growing impact of industries. K. R. Rao reviewed the progress of various projects. C.S. Sarma delivered the keynote speech. Mr. Bhagath singh the Industrialist brought out the difficulties and problems in running small industries with advanced technology. Several industrialists from Andhra Pradesh actively participated.

In the medical seminar, Dr. G.V. Naidu was the co-ordinator. Dr. Kakarla Subba Rao discussed the problems of health in Andhra Pradesh. Dr. K. Jaganmohana Rao brought out the problems in supplying medical technical equipment. Dr. Sankaram discussed medical course progress and problems in India. Dr. Raghavendra Prasad Sudanagunta brought out details about medical educational schemes in Andhra Pradesh. G. Damodar Reddy explained about tax shelters.

Dr. Raghavendra Prasad in his presidential remarks said: a�?The migrants from Andhra Pradesh have put a lot of effort and reached high positions in America. 5% of Indians in America were Telugu people who attained higher income slab. It is gratifying that they combined the best from the east and from the west. There are conflicting cultural lifestyles at home and in the society in America. Our people are reconciling and making best out of it. Youth must take lead in deriving the best of both the countries.a�?

The conference had special fashion show, and youth were given at most importance. A special session was held with women where culture, and bringing up children were discussed. The participants were Paruchuri Jyotsna, Meenal Manthani, Uma Echchampati, Nayani Krishna Kumari, Vinjamuri Sithadevi, Shakuntala Gangadharam, Nidadavolu Malathi, Yashoda Reddy.

Youth problems were discussed by Krishna Mantena, Sailendra Sunkara, Sireesha Samudrala, Sherli Vamaraju, Dr. Vedavyas, Krishna Usha.

The cultural programmes were special attraction with Shobharaju, Vamsee Troop, Githasri, and Mrs. Madhusudana Rao.

Awards: Akuluri V. Ramaiah (Nuclear Physics), Dr. K. Janardhana Reddy (Medicine), Matempalli Madhusudana Rao (Medicine), Kakarala Subbarao (Community Service), Narsing Aduparao (Medicine), Pemmaraju Venugopala Rao (Community Service), Nimmagadda Upendra Nath (Community Service), Pothu Narasimha Rao (Community Service), Sitha, Githa Kalapatapu (Classical Music), Singiresu Sambasiva Rao (Mechanical Engineering) Dr. Tejaswini (Sastriya Nrityam), Tella Tirupataiah (Community Service), Velicheti Narayana Rao (Telugu Literature), Tummala V. Madhava Rao (Scientific Research).



Title cover: Bapu.A� Director: Gandikota Venkata Rao, Co-chairperson: Buddhiraju Vijayalakshmi, Youth division convenor: Anitha G. Rao, members Dandamudi Prasad, Kaasinadhuni Udaya Shankar, Rednam Krishna Rao, Ventra Pragada Mohan are in the souvenir committee.

Writers: C. Narayana Reddy, Vinjamuri Anasuyadevi, Viswanatha Achyutha Devarayalu, Pavani Sasstry, Puranam Sitha, Prayaga Ramakrishna, Arudra.

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