A 65-Year-Old Oman National Marries A 16-Year-Old Girl For Five Lakhs

A woman who claimed to be the mother of a teenager complained to the police that her daughter was married to a 65 year old Oman national for five lakhs paid to an aunt.

Hyderabad: A woman claiming to be the mother of a 16-year-old daughter complained to the police that her daughter was given away in marriage to a 65-year-old Oman national for five lakh rupees paid to an aunt.

The woman said that the marriage took place three months ago and her daughter was taken to Oman without her consent.A� She alleged that her sister-in- law and her husband have facilitated the illegal marriage.

The woman also submitted photographs to the police to support her argument and allegation. The photos show the teenager in bright red wedding dress with an elderly man in a jacket. Another photo that she said was taken during wedding ritual, the man is in white and the girl is in black. She alleged that they were married in a hotel by a Qazi.

The man, who left for Masqat after the wedding, allegedly sent a visa for his bride.The woman also told the police that her daughter cries every time she speaks to her and wants to return to Hyderabad.

“I spoke directly with the Omani national who married my daughter. He is saying that he paidA�Rs.A�5 lakhs to Sikander (brother-in-law) and his wife and purchased my daughter and wants that money back, then only he will send back my daughter,” the woman said.

The woman also told the authorities that her brother-in-law threatened her for trying to bring her daughter back.

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