4 Balls 92 Runs, Novel Protest Of A Bangladeshi Cricket Team

By bowling 13 wides and three no balls, Lalmatia Club allows their rival team win as a mark of protest

DHAKA: Cricket alway excites the Indians.Be it a match between India and Pakistan or Ashes or between any other teams, we dona��t mind watching it. Ita��s just not cricket alone that the fans enjoy, the fisticuffs, arguments on the field, fans running into the pitch and even dogs interrupting the match always entertain them.

However, something unusual took place in BangladeshA�on Tuesday. Unlike accusing the Umpire a local team intentionally lost a match in protest against biased umpiring.

In the 50 over match of Dhaka Second Division leagueA�on Tuesday, While Lalmatia Club wasA�dismissed for just 88 runs in 14 overs the rival Axiom Cricketers took 92-0 runs in just four balls.

The opening bowler ofA�Lalmatia, Sujon Mahmud in the first over bowled 13 wides and three no-balls and the batsman hit the boundary every time, scoring 80 runs. With three legitimate boundaries, Axiom opening batsman Mustafizur Rahman led his team to a ten-wicket win.

Asked why it happened, Lalmatia Club alleged that they were subjected to poor umpiring throughout the league. a�?The captain was not allowed to see the coin after the toss,a�? alleged the secretary of the club, Adnan Rehman. This allegation was supported by another club official.

The angered president of Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB), who incidentally was an MP of the ruling party said that they have asked match officials to submit a report on the incident. After receiving the report, a formal investigation will be launched, he assured


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