3 Challans Slapped On Nishit Before The Mishap

AP Minister Narayana’s son Nishit died within ten minutes of thee car hitting the pillar. Nishit is a habitual speedster and was served with three notices before the fatal accident.

Hyderabad: Nishit Narayana, the diseased son of AP minister P Narayana, was slapped challans thrice in just under four months this year for rash driving, Hyderabad police revealed.

The 22-year-old succumbed to injuries on the spot after his speeding Benz hit a metro rail pillar in the wee hours of  Wednesday.

On January 21, he drove his car with 150 kmph at Himayath Sagar ring road where the speed limit was 120 kmph. Again at the same place, he rashed his way with 154 kmph. On March 10, he was booked for rash driving when he was driving his car with 125 kmph when the speed limit was 120 kmph at Gachchbowli area. “He was warned thrice but he did not mend his ways. The parents should have counseled him against going overspeed,” observed Venkateswara Rao, DCP.

Mr Nishit was not in an inebriated condition but only the over-speed killed him, police said. One of his friends who was in the car has also lost life.

Dr Surender Reddy, forensic expert at Apollo hospital, said Nishit was driving the bench and when the car hit the pillar at a great speed the steering had touched his chest with heavy force. His liver has broken into pieces and lungs were punctured. Both Nishit and his friend Ravi Varma died within ten minutes of the accident. The medical report said both the victims were not drunk. The accident occurred at 2.31 am and the boys breathed their last by 2.45 am on Wednesday.

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Minister Narayana’s Son Was Driving At 146 KMPH when He Hit Metro Pillar

After the analysis of CCTV footage and distance between two metro pillars to estimate speed of the Mercedes Benz, the police came to a conclusion that Nishith was driving at 146kmph.

Hyderabad: Nishit, son of AP Minister Narayana, was killed in an accident after his Mercedes Benz car carshed into Metro pillar at Jubilee Hills in Hyderabad City. After two weeks of this incident, traffic police found that Nishith was driving at a speed of 146 knph when Benz hit the pillar which led to death of Nishith and his friend Raja Ravichandra.

“We found the speed of the car by calculating the distance between the two pillars and the time it took to hit the pillars. Distance was 75 ft and it took only 0.56 seconds for the Benz to cover the distance. From that we came to a conclusion that SUV was at a speed of 146kmph”, said a police officer addressing media.

When the car hit the pillar, speedometer stopped at 205kmph, but experts claimed that it was not possible to travel at such a speed in Jubilee Hills.

Nishith was fined thrice before this incident which leads to his death. Out of three challans two were on ORR and one at Himayathsagar, and all three challans were for crossing 150 kmph as per police sources.

Vehicle was named under Nspira Management Pvt Services Ltd. Earlier there were rumours that car belongs to cine star Pawan kalyan who sold it to Nishith. Later Pawan kalyan clarified that it was not his car and no way concerned with it.

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Minister Narayana’s Son Nishit Narayana killed in Road Accident

AP Minister Narayana’s only son died in a car accident in Hyderabad in early hours of Wednesday.

Hyderabad: On the Wee hours of Wednesday, AP’s Municipal Administration and Urban Development Minister Narayana’s son , Nishit Narayana, 23, and his friend Ravi Verma were killed when their SUV crashed into Metro Pillar in Jubilee Hills.

As per the police, car was in high speed when it met with accident. The front portion of the car Mercedes Benz was crushed due to the impact and there was no use even airbags were deployed.

Hyderabad City witnessed heavy rain last night which was accompanied by winds. Nishit and Ravi Verma who went out to meet their friend, waited till the water logged cleared.

Mishap occurred at pillar number 9, between Peddamma Temple and Madhapur at around 2.30 am. Chips of concrete pillar came off from Metro Pillar which indicates the speed of the car when it hit the pillar. Narayana who was in London has left for Hyderabad by a special flight at 6.30 am.

Nishit is the only son of Narayana. He has two daughters one of whom was married to the son of another AP Minister Ganta Srinivasa Rao. The other daughter was married in Kurnool district.

Central Minister Venkaiah Naidu, Srujana Chowdari, AP Opposition leader YS Jagan Mohan Reddy and many others expressed their shock at the untimely death of the youngsters.

TDP leaders, Narayana cabinet colleagues are rushing to the city.

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