2K Run For Dharna Chowk: Kodandaram, Others Arrested

Hyderabad: TJAC chairman Professor Kodandaram and many leaders of the Left parties were arrested here on Sunday morning when they tried to take out a procession from Sundarayya Vignyana Kendram (SVK). The proposed 2K run from SVK to Indira Park was in protest against the decision of TRS government to shift Dharna Chowk from Indira Park to Nagole or some other far away place in the outskirts of the city. The 2K run call was given by ‘Dharna Chowk Preservation Committee’. Along with Kodandaram and the Left party leaders, about 500 persons were taken into custody by the police. The surroundings of Indira Park resembled a battle field with the police present in full force.

Professor Kodandaram told the media after the police set him free that it is only the first direct action programme and it will be followed up by a number of programmes. He said the struggle will continue till the government rescinds and restores Dharna Chowk for the common people to express protest and discontent. It is the fundamental right guaranteed by the constitution and it cannot be abrogated by using brute force that is available with the government, he said.

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