2 Filipinos Die In Accident At Vizag

2 Filipinos Die Accidentally In Local in the coal cargo ship on voyage Two sailors of a coal cargo ship, unmindful of hazardous gases that coal generates, went into the shipa��s hold and lost their lives.

Srinivas N

Visakhapatnam: A grave incident, in which two Philippine sailors died in the cargo ship heading for Visakhapatnam from the Philippines, came to light on Friday.

According to the police, the ship laden with coal set sail from the Philippines on 1 June to arrive at Gangavaram Port on Tuesday. On the way, as part of his job routine, a sailor Antonio Jam Show (42) opened the hatch on top of the shipa��s hold to measure the temperature of the coal. The thermometer used for measuring temperature accidentally slipped into the hold from his hands. Unwary of the hazardous gases that coal can emit, Antonio stepped into the hold through the hatch to pick the temperature device up.

As Antonio did not return to the top for a long time, his colleague Gerald went to the hatch and found his friend unconscious. Without a second thought he jumped into the hold in a bid to rescue Antonio. The rescue bid instantaneously took his life, unfortunately.

Shipa��s overseer Sivasankar lodged a complaint with New Port police station after disembarking the ship at Gangavaram Port on Tuesday. The police sent the bodies to the King George Hospital for postmortem. The bodies are expected to be sent to their native country Philippines on Thursday.

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