Shabbir Ali flays TRS Govt for hasty notifications and Withdrawals

Hyderabad:  Mohammed Ali Shabbir, the leader of opposition in the Telangana Legislative Council today slammed the TRS Government of playing with the future and livelihood of the Telangana unemployed youth.

Shabbir said that the government had always acted on whims and fancies of the CM, KCR and announced hasty and thought-less decisions that have always ended in discourteous and abrupt withdrawals causing confusion and irreparable mental agony to thousands of unemployed youth in the state. It appeared to be a high drama of the TRS government to win over graduate votes on the eve of the MLC elections by issuing such notifications and later attempts to appease the jobless graduates, he said

Shabbir demanded that the government should issue notifications immediately for both gurukul and also regular teachers posts. Commenting on the government’s cancellation of the notification on Gurukul postings by the TSPAC, he said that such rash and reckless decisions and later retreat and abolitions have become order of the day in TRS regime and have exposed their lack of administrative skills and knowledge of governance.

The government had withdrawn the notification for 7306 teaching and non-teaching staff in Gurukul institutions on Thursday following widespread unrest and protests over the controversial clause that only applicants with 60% marks in degree and Post graduate courses should apply for the teaching posts. The government’s action has come in the wake of agitation by the unemployed youth under the aegis of the TJAC, which the KCR government stalled with an iron hand.

Shabbir said the cancellation of the notification just 24 hours of the deadline of March 4th for filing applications had left the youth confused and agitated. He questioned as to what happened to the TRS government’s announcements like acquisition of Racecourse and Chanchalguda jail lands for educational institutions. (NSS)

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