13th TANA Conference, Philadelphia – 2001

The 13th TANA conference at Philadelphia in 2001 had the distinction of having two conveners followed by one another — Allada Janardhana Rao and Kosaraju Vijaya Saradhi.

Nadella Gangadhar was the president of TANA. In this conference the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Chandra Babu Naidua��s speech from Hyderabad was shown live through telecast to all the delegates. Some 7,000 people attended the conference. $1.1 million was collected with expenditure of $1.03 million leaving a surplus of $70,000. Out of this $20,000 was transferred to TANA treasury.

Indraganti Srikanth Sarma played the special stage performance, which depicted History and literature of the past glory. Akkineni Nageswara Rao, M. Vekaiah Naidu, the BJP leader, Poet C. Narayana Reddy, Narla Tata rao, Ramanaidu attended the Programme.

The awards were given in honour of the achievements made in different fields:

Murali Atluri (business), Murthy V. A. Bondada (Civil Engineering), Malavika Rao Kalapatapu, Adinarayana Murthy, Kautha, Achyut Paruchuri, Sai Rani Ravi, Prasad Totakura, Mahalakshmi Timmana (Community Services), K.S.Ramarao Pappu (Philosophy), J.N. Reddy (education) Sarada Purnasonti (arts and literature) Yugandhara Rao Vallabhaneni (social service), Venkata Ramanatham Vemuri. Dr Jampala Choudary for medical services.



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