⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠Video: Watch The Rain Water In Jagan’s AP Assembly Office

Naidu’s words that Amravati will be the best capital in India looks like a joke after observing this video which shows the leakages in AP Assembly for just a moderate rain.

Amaravati: A picture with two women cleaning water from a marbled floor with the water leaks from the roof of a building is witnessed at Amaravati on Tuesday. Don’t get surprised, it is not a house, it is the office of the leader of Opposition Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy in the newly constructed AP Assembly. Complex.

Video was posted by YSRCP in Facebook which shows several leakages in the office. This video was posted with a message, “If this is the situation for small rain, what will happen when monsoon starts?” YSRCP also came out with a critic in its own style by saying” this is what our ‘International Intellectual’ has constructed”.

Building which was inaugurated by Naidu in March this year was completed in 192 days along with the building of Legislative Council close to the secretariat at Velagapudi.

Naidu who speaks about Hi tech has no answer to this. AP people are shocked to see this video. They say if this is the situation of Assembly what will be the fate of the Capital?

Well, no answer for that at this point, but will this building stand heavy monsoon without any hurdle for winter sessions? God Knows.

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